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Sub-pixel image processing

Lecturer : Lionel MOISAN, (Université Paris Descartes)

Cours en français mais polycopié en anglais

Objective of the course :

Explore ways (and applications) of linking continuous and discrete image models: How to translate a continuous image processing model into a discrete numerical algorithm? Conversely, how to extract geometric informations from a discrete array of pixels?

Topics :

  • The image formation process: geometry, diffraction, sampling
  • FFT- and Spline-based interpolations,  lossless geometric transforms
  • Image reduction and the aliasing/ringing/blur trade-off
  • Implementation of differential operators, image iterative filtering
  • Sub-pixel image geometry
  • Phase spectrum and applications: sharpness metrics, texture synthesis

Prerequisites :

Basics of Fourier analysis and differential calculus.

Organization of courses :

  • Half of course sessions, half of exercise/computer practice sessions

Validation :

Project or exam.

    References :

    •   L. Moisan, Modeling and Image Processing (available on the course web page)
    • L. Moisan, ``Periodic plus smooth image decomposition'', Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, vol 39:2, pp. 161-179, 2011 (available on the course web page)

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